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Pastor Eric  Vautour

637 Charles St.

Dieppe, NB

E1A 1Z5




Dear Atlantic congregations,


Recently I was speaking to your pastor Eric Vautour and was conveying to him how much I appreciate your loyalty and support for our denomination over the years. 


I remember fondly the love you expressed toward me and your fellow members when I had the opportunity to visit during the fall gathering in Moncton a couple of years back as well as my visit to Halifax a year ago.


Having grown up in this church and attending a small congregation in Northern Ontario, my experience during my visits brought me back to those days in Sault Ste. Marie. 


We as a denomination and you as local congregations have seen a lot of water flow under the bridge over the years. However, through it all you have remained supportive with your time and yes--your donations. 


By doing so, you have enabled our denomination to continue to seek the Holy Spirit's will for our church and to follow where Jesus is leading us. 


Thank you so much!


Bill Hall

Canadian Director

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