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Copyright: Although these Sermons are under copyright we grant permission to copy and display them in whole or part, in private or public, as long as the content or meaning is not altered in any manner.

Sermons are Trinitarian and Christ-focused and biblically expository which simply means they are grounded in scritpure

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Christmas: True Hope Came To The World
Mr. E. Vautour Dec 24, 2017

Psalm 89:1-4 Rom 16:25-27 Luke 1:26-38   Video 

An Encouragemenbt For Diligence As We Await Jesus Second Coming
Mr. E. Vautour Dec 10, 2017  1 Cor 1:1-92 Pet 1:1-15  Video 


Awesome And Sure Hope In Christ
Mr. E. Vautour Dec 3, 2017 1 Cor 1:1-9 Video 


The Last Judgement
Mr. E. Vautour Nov 26, 2017 Matt 25:31- Video 


Readiness For The Glorified Return Of Jesus
Mr. E. Vautour Nov 19, 2017 Matt 25:1-13  Video 


God Our Ultimate Loving Authority
Mr. E. Vautour Nov 12, 2017 Matt 23:1-12  Video 


Leading Well In Jesus
Mr. E. Vautour Nov 5, 2017 1 Thes 2:1-12  Video 

Living And Sharing The Gospel
Mr. E. Vautour Oct 29, 2017 1 Thes 1:5, 5-10  Video 


Rejoice In The Lord Always
Mr. E. Vautour Oct 22, 2017   Video 

Jesus Responds To The Real Needs Of People
Mr. B. Rabey Oct 8, 2017  Video 


The Start Of The Gentile Curches
Mr. B. Rabey Oct 7, 2017 Video 


Participating In The work Of God
Mr. B. Rabey Oct 7, 2017  Video 


Encouragement In Jesus & Participation In The Spirit
Mr. E. Vautour Oct 1, 2017 Phil 2:1-13  Video 

God's Grace - Not The Way We Naturally Think
Mr. E. Vautour Sept 24, 2017 Mat 20:1-16  Video 

Extending The Gift Of Forgiveness
Mr. E. Vautour Sept 17, 2017 Mat 18:21-35  Video 


Jesus, The Anchor Of Our Souls
Mr. E. Vautour Sept 10, 2017 Job 42:1-6  Video 


Delivered From Sin & Death; Living In Grace
Mr. E. Vautour Sept 03, 2017 Rom 12:9-21  Video 

Faith And Obedience Belong Together
Mr. E. Vautour Aug 13 Matt 14::22-33  Video 


Clarification: "All Are Included" And "Unity With Christ"
Mr. E. Vautour June 11

Rom 5:18, 2 Cor 5:14, John 3:16, 1 Ti 4:10 Video 


Jesus Sends Out With Delegated Authority
Mr. E. Vautour July 2, 2017 Mat 10:40-42  Video 


The Kingdom Of God Is At Work. The Future Is Bright
Mr. E. Vautour July 30, 2017 Matt 13:31-33  Video 


Living In The In-Between Times
Mr. E. Vautour July 23, 2017 Mat 13:24-30,36-43  Video 


Abounding In Thanksgiving
Mr. E. Vautour July 16, 2017 Matt 13:1-9,18-23  Video 


The Yoke We Are Invited To Take
Mr. E. Vautour July 9, 2017 Matt 11:25-30  Video 


Living In God's Grace. Living In Christ
Mr. E. Vautour June 25, 2017 Titus 2:11-15  Video 


The Holy Spirit: The Guide To All Truth
Mr. E. Vautour June 04, 2017 Acts 2:1-21  Video 


The King Of This World
Mr. E. Vautour May 28, 2017 Luke 24:45-53  Video 


Not Left Orphans
Mr. E. Vautour May 21, 2017 1 John 14:15-21 Video 


The Church: A Gift Of God
Mr. E. Vautour May 14, 2017 1 Pet 1:22-2:10  Video 


You Shall Be Holy For I (God) Am Holy

Mr. E. Vautour April 30, 2017 1 Pet 1:1-12  Video 


My Lord And My God
Mr. E. Vautour April 23, 2017 John 20:19-31 Video 


Jesus Is Risen. He Is Alive and Reigns
Mr. E. Vautour April 16, 2017 Luke 24:1-12 Video 

The Purpose Of Prophecy
Mr. E. Vautour Jan 22, 2017

Luke 24:21-27 Rev 19:10  Video 

A Loving Act To Be Told In All Generations
Mr. E. Vautour Mar 19, 2017 Mat 26:1-13  Video 


Rejoicing In Justification
Mr. E. Vautour Mar 12, 2017 Rom 5:1-11  Video 


Battle Won For Us
Mr. E. Vautour Mar 5, 2017 Mat 4:1-11  Video 


Confident Faith: Jesus Is Alive
Mr. E. Vautour Feb 26, 2017 John 20:1-18  Video 


Kingdom Living
Mr. E. Vautour Feb 12, 2017 Matt 5:21-24  Video 


The Course Of Humanity Transformed
Mr. E. Vautour Feb 5, 2017 John 18:28-42  Video 


Costly Grace
Mr. E. Vautour Jan 29, 2017 John 18:39-19:7  Video 


God's Wrath
Mr. E. Vautour Jan 15, 2017 Eph 2:1-10  Video 


What And Who Is Man
Mr. E. Vautour Jan 1, 2017 Psalm 8  Video 


For God So Loved The World
Mr. E. Vautour Dec 18, 2016 John 3:16-21  Video 


Jesus, Our Joy
Mr. E. Vautour Dec 11, 2016 Luke 2:4-14  Video 


Jesus, Our Peace
Mr. E. Vautour Dec 4, 2016 Luke 2:8-14 Video 


Jesus, Our Hope
Mr. E. Vautour Nov 27, 2016 Luke 1:26-33  Video 


Born A King To Give Witness To The Truth
Mr. E. Vautour Nov 20, 2016 John 18:28-40  Video 


Amazing Love How Can It Be? 
Mr. E. Vautour Nov 6, 2016 John 18:1-11  Video 


In Me You Have Peace
Mr. Gerrit Dawson (From YouTube) Video 


Unity In Jesus And In The Father
Mr. E. Vautour Oct 23, 2016 John 17:20-26  Video 


We Have God's Word
Mr. E. Vautour Oct 16, 2016 John 17:13-19  Video 


Our Life In Christ Part 2
Mr. G. Moore Oct 9, 2016  Video 


Our Life In Christ Part 1
Mr. G. Moore Oct 8, 2016  Video 


What Blocks People from Coming to Christ—an Overview of John 6
Mr. G. Moore Oct 8, 2016  Video 


The Loving Prayer Of Jesus For His Disciples
Mr. E. Vautour Oct 2, 2016 John 17:6-12  Video 


Our Personal Identity Transformed In Christ
Mr. E. Vautour Sept 25, 2016 John 17:1-5  Video 


How Loving And Reassuring God Is
Mr. E. Vautour Sept 18, 2016 John 16:16-33  Video 


The Role And Work Of The Holy Spirit
Mr. E. Vautour Sept 18, 2016 John 16:5-15  Video 


Challenges Facing Jesus' Disciples
Mr. E. Vautour Sept 4, 2016 John 15:18 16:4  Video 


A Privileged And Blessed Relationship
Mr. E. Vautour Aug 28, 2016 John 15:1-17  Video 


Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Part 2
Mr. E. Vautour Aug 21, 2016 John 14  Video 


Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Part 1
Mr. E. Vautour Aug 7, 2016 John 14  Video 


True Love Is Eternal Part 2
Mr. E. Vautour July 24,2016 1 Cor 13 Video 


True Love Is Eternal Part 1
Mr. E. Vautour July 17,2016 1 Cor 13 Video 


A New Commandment
Mr. E. Vautour July 10,2016 John 13:31-35 Video 


 The Life Of a Servant

Mr. E. Vautour July 3,2016 John 13:1-17 Video 

Unbelief And Rejection Led To Jesus Death
Mr. E. Vautour June 19,2016 John 12:27-43 Video


Jesus, Sent Forth From The Fathers Side
Mr. E. Vautour June 12,2016 John 12:12-26 Video


Jesus Our Captain
Mr. E. Vautour June 5,2016 John 12:1-10 Video

Jesus, The Resurrection And The Life
Mr. E. Vautour May 29,2016 John 11 Video

Jesus, One With The Father

Mr. E. Vautour May 22,2016 John 10:22-42 Video


God In Us
Mr. E. Vautour May15,2016 John 14 & 16 Video


Jesus-Door And Good Shepherd
Mr. E. Vautour May 8,2016 John 10:1-19 Video


The One Mediator Between God And Man, Jesus
Mr. E. Vautour May 1,2016 1Cor 1:17-24 Video


Healed/Freed From Blindness
Mr. E. Vautour April 24,2016 John 9 Video


Intense Conversation With Jesus 
Mr. E. Vautour April 17,2016 John 8:12-14 Video

God's Love For A Lost World
Mr. E. Vautour April 3,2016 John 7 Video


Celebration Of The Resurrection/Celebration Of Life
Mr. E. Vautour March 27,2016 Mat 28:1-9 Video


Outrageous Love
Mr. E. Vautour March 20,2016 Mark 14:1-9 Video


Stay Awake
Mr. E. Vautour March 13,2016 Mark 13:1-8 Video


Jesus' Teachings Last Week Before His Death

Mr. E. Vautour March 6,2016 Mark 12:28-44 Video


The Parable Of The Tenants
Mr. E. Vautour Feb 28,2016 Mark 12:1-12 Video 


The True Bread Of Life
Mr. E. Vautour Feb 21,2016 John 6:22-59 Video


Two More Signs To Believe Jesus Is The Christ
Mr. E. Vautour Feb 14,2016 John 6:1-21 Video


Jesus' Revelation Of Who He Is
Mr. E. Vautour Feb 7,2016 John 5:30-47 Video


At The Table
Gerrit Dawson's sermon viewed by us on Jan 24, 2016  Video 


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