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Adoptive/Foster Parents:
Josephine & James Nyaboke Omari

Biographies of Children Living with Josephine and James either as adopted children or foster children. Most are adopted.

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please feel free to communicate with Winston jones who initiated this labor of love. His phone number is: (506)387-5808.  His email address: jwinston1225@gmail.com

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Edger Osiemo.jpg


Edger’s parents died of HIV/AIDS.

He is from a family of two siblings. When their parents died, they were taken by one of their relatives. The relative mistreated them: beating them daily and forced into child labour.

So they decided to go to streets to look for their needs such as food and shelter. Their "home" was in drainages and pits.

We adopted him when he was five years old and we have stayed with him for seven years and he is in class six.

We thank God that, since staying with us, he has been transformed in many ways; he is attending school and church. He is working hard in school to achieve his best so that he will have a bright future. School fees and other school needs are a challenge to him. He is promising to be a pastor.

We are praying God to open means and ways to meet their needs.

Delphine  Moraa Swanya.jpg


Delphine is14 years old and from a family of 4 children. Her father was hijacked and after two months, he was found dean in the bush. He left behind a mentally disabled widow unable to care for the 4 children.

Delphine went to streets to beg for food and everything she needed. From there we found her, stranded.

We adopted her in 2012 when she was 5 years old and she has been with us for about 9 years. She is in primary school, class 7, even though she is supposed to be in a higher level for her age.

I thank God that, since the girl started staying with us, she has transformed in several ways. She immediately started attending church with us and attending school on a regular basis.

Delphine is well behaved, performs well in school, very strong in health and is promising to be a nurse in future and to help others as she has been helped.

Indeed, we are not able to educate them in high school and colleges to meet their dreams as it is so challenging to obtain school supplies!!

Maribina Kerubo Oirere.jpg


Maribina is from a single mother who works in prostitution and left the child behind in the streets to eat from the rubbish bins and she was infested with jiggers (skin mites) when we discovered her.

We adopted her in the 2014 when she was 6 years old and she has stayed with us for about 7 years. She is in class 6, primary school, and is 13 years old.

Our God is good..... Maribina has improved her health , she is jigger-free. She is getting the nutrition she was missing, attending church and is performing well in school.  Maribina is a well behaved girl and after her schooling is promising to be a teacher and help others.

The orphans are challenged with school supplies. We are praying God to open ways and means for them to further their education to high school and colleges and even university so that they may meet their future dreams.

Deborah  Gesare.jpg


Deborah is 11 years old. Her father is a prisoner and her mother passed away due to HIV/AIDS.

She has lived with me for six years. She is an orphan as her father is in jail for life.

I thank God that since Deborah started living with me, she has been transformed in many ways. She soon started attending church where she met Christ as her personal savior. She started attending primary school and is very sharp in school. She performs well in school and very focused in her studies . Deborah can become a good nurse in the future if her needs are met and successfully completes her studies .

Although Deborah is moving on with her studies, lack of fees and school supplies are some challenges that are hindering her studies.

This is a short biography of Deborah. We. thank God for how far He has brought us and the wonderful deeds he is doing in our lives .

We pray that may the Almighty Lord open doors for Deborah to direct the Holy Spirit to connect well wishers and sponsors who will support her to be able to complete her studies .

Griffin Kombo.jpg


Griffin Kombo is 12 years old. He is from a single mother and the only child in his family. His mother is an alcoholic and had been living with Griffin in the streets.

I adopted him when he was seven years and he has stayed with me for 5 years.

Much thanks to almighty lord that since Griffin has been living with me, he has been transformed in many ways. He soon started attending church services where he met Christ as his personal savior. He is attending a local primary school on a regular basis; very clever and performs excellently in his studies. Griffin can be a good mechanical engineer if he successfully completes his studies. The challenges we are facing in schooling Griffin are the lack of school items and school fees.

We pray that Griffin will get well wishers and sponsors that will help him achieve his dreams for a bright future by completing his studies successfully to better his life.

Sharon Bwari.jpg

Sharon Bwari

Sharon's parents died in a road accident and was then staying with her grand parents who are very old and they were not able to care for her. needs.

She is 8 years and in grade 1. Since we adopted Sharon she is attending church and school and is eating well.

Through your prayers and support we hope for a better future for her.

Esther Kerandi.jpg

Esther Kerandi

Esther is from a family of 4 siblings. Their parents are both alive but suffering with sickness and are not able to support their childrens' needs. So, the parents heard of our orphanage and they came to request a chance for Esther.

Esther is 9 years old and in grade 3. Since we adopted Esther. she is attending school and church and improving health wise.

We pray for her a bright future through your prayers and support. In everything, God is able and He provides.

Varigan  Kebiare.jpg

Varigan  Kebiare

Varigan Kebiare is 9 years and in grade 3. He is an orphan and we met him in the streets .

We adopted Varigan when he was 5 years and he has been with me for 4 years.

Since we adopted Varigan, he has been transformed. He is attending church and school and health wise he has changed and his body has improved well. He hopes to become a nurse and help others.

We pray God's provision for Varigan to meet his needs.

Hesbon  Kinga.jpg

Hesbon Kinga 

Hesbon Kinga is an orphan. He was staying with his grandmother who was not able to support him , so Hesbon went to town as a street boy where we met with him and adopted him.

He is 14 years old and in class 5. Since we adopted Hesbon, he has been transformed in many ways. He is going to school, attending church and promising to be a doctor and help others.

We pray God will open doors for his needs to enable him finish schooling for a better future.

Mishell Mogeni.jpg

Mishell Mogeni

Mishell Mogeni is 11 years old .She is in Standard 5.  Her parents died years ago, so, Mishell is a total orphan.

  I adopted Mishell when she was 5 years old from town streets. I have stayed with Mishell for 6years .

   Mishell is a very polite, humble girl. Since I adopted Mishell, she has been transformed in many ways.  She attends church where she met Jesus Christ as her personal savior.  Mishell attends school on a regular basis.  She is very hard-working in school and she really performs excellently in her studies. Mishell can be a good nurse if she successfully completes her studies.

We  pray for Mishell to meet well wishers  who will support her in completing her studies to meet her future dreams to better her life.


Thank you and may you keep praying for us. (From Josephine Nyaboke Omari – mother in the orphanage)

Angelica Kwamboka.jpg


Angelica is a total orphan, she was from a single parent who died and left Angelica behind 

So Angelica remained  behind staying with her grandmother  who is very old  and she was not able to care for her. she heard of our orphanage and she brought Angelica  to be in our care.

She is seven years and in class two. Since she came to our care she is attending school as well she is attending church with me and her health is improving . Angelica has now known Jesus as her saviour and we really thank God for that. Among the challenges we are facing are:  lack of enough school materials that can enable her improve in her studies.

We persistently pray to our Almighty God to open ways for Angelica to get as well as well wishers who will help her to finish her studies that can help her to  brighten her future .

Eugene Makori.jpg

Eugene Makori

Eugene is 9 years old and in Class 2.

He is a total orphan, his parents both died. Eugene used to live with his grandfather who died and left Eugene without anybody to care for him.


Eugene moved from home to home looking for abetter place to stay. He met with someone who knew of our orphanage and brought him to us.

Since we adopted Eugene ,he is transformed in many ways:  he is attending church and school and his health is improving so much.

Eugene is promising to be an accountant after finishing schooling. 


Thank you for your prayers and support; to pray for Eugene to meet his future dreams.

Robina Mwita.jpg


Robina is 11 years old and in class 5 and  is a total orphan as both parents died.

After the dead of her parents, she was sent to the care of a relative where she was mistreated and she ran away to the street where we met her and adopted her.

Since  we adopted her, she is attending church and school.  Robina is promising to be  a future pastor after finishing schooling.

Your prayers and support are highly appreciated and helpful.

Purity Onderi.jpg

Purity  Onderi

 Purity  Onderi, is 16 years, in high school  Form One, and a total orphan.

We adopted Purity when she was 5 years old, She stayed with us for 9 years and she did her class eight  exam  in 2019, after which (because we were unable to continue with her schooling to high school), we released her  to return to her relative, but she went to  a certain individual where she was working as a house girl for two years, 2020  to 2021. She was doing heavy duty after duty without resting and without pay.

We thank God through your prayers and support that  Purity has joined high School,  attending church, and she is so much happier to be in school again.  She is so much willing to complete her schooling to be come a nurse to better of her future life.


Your prayers and support are much appreciated.

Yours in Christ,

Sister Josephine and James.

Faith Kombo.jpg

From Josephine and James, adoptive parents (June 6, 2022)

Faith  Kombo is 17 years old.  She was with single parent  who was unable to care for Faith.

We adopted Faith when she was 6 years and she stayed with us  until she did her class 8 exam.  We then released her to return to her home.  She was chased away by her grandmother, so she went to  a relative 

who only took her in to become a laborer.

We thank God through your prayers and support Faith is able to come back and return to school. She is so much happier and saying she has seen  the hand of God working in her live.


She has joined high school Form One,  attending church  and she is eating food well. Faith is promising to be  a doctor  after completing her school to better her future.


Thank you for the good work you are doing. The work you are doing is not in vain,  their is God's reward for you.

Grace Onango.jpg

Grace Onango.


Grace is 15 years old and a total orphan.  Her partents died of Hiv/Aids.

We adopted her when she was 5 years old and stayed with us for 9 years.  When she did her class 8 exam we released her to return to her relatives.  Unfortunately the relatives  mistreated her.

We thank God through your prayers  and support  Grace is now in high school form one; attending church.  Grace is promising to be a a lawyer after her school to better her  future.

We thank God for your always prayers and support .

God bless you abundantly, Yours in Christ

Sister Josephine and James.

Diana Asiago.jpg

Diana Asiago

Diana is 15 years old and is a total orphan, 


We adopted Diana when she was 5 years old we stayed with her until she did her class 8 exam and because we were not able to  take her to high school   so we released  her to  go to her relatives. Diana has stayed with her relative working as a house girl  for one year.

We thank God for your prayers and support.  Diana has come back to the orphanage and has joined high school form one.

She is attending church ,and she is comfortable here  and so happy as she is  in school uniform .